Driven by the demand for the flexibility, scalability and versatility of the cloud, the UCaaS industry is set to reach $24.8 billion by 2024. Here are nine more trends that show the future of UC is increasingly in the cloud.

1. Cloud and UCaaS are growing

The number of annual hosted IP and UCaaS users will increase to 11.3 million in 2024. 
(Source: Frost and Sullivan eBook)

2. Faster than on-premises

​Cloud UC is growing at a 14% compound annual growth rate, which is 7 times the growth rate of on-premise solutions. 
(Source: ZK Research)

3. Companies want all-in-one

68% of UCaaS buyers say that a single pane of glass and all-inclusive capabilities are crucial to their purchasing decisions.
(Source: Frost & Sullivan)

4. Remote work is the driver

As more people work from home, UCaaS ensures they access the right technology. People working remotely are usually more productive and happier in their jobs.
(Source: Harvard Business Review)

5. Security is still key

When deploying remote communication solutions, 95% of businesses say that they want to use VPN connections to keep data private.
(Source: Mitel)

6. Leaving legacy behind

31% of companies want to use UCaaS to reduce the technical debt of legacy systems and processes.
(Source: Freshworks)

7. Flexibility and agility are key drivers

Increased IT flexibility and agility are the biggest drivers of UCaaS investment, with 40% of respondents looking forward to those benefits.
(Source: Masergy)

8. VoIP is increasingly popular

One of the biggest features of the UCaaS stack, the global mobile VoIP market is set to reach $145.8 billion by 2024.
(Source: Grandview Research)

9. Untapped opportunity

Many businesses still don’t have the right integrations, with 86% of respondents relying primarily on their phone to connect with their global team.
(Source: Avaya The State of Enterprise Communications)

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