Cash flow is a huge concern for the channel in the current crisis, with many partners and end users cancelling technology investments due to economic uncertainty. Comstor is demonstrating its commitment to customers and partners with a massive financing package for Cisco solutions. Alicia Cuadra, Comstor’s Cisco Capital EMEA expert, explains how it works.

In the world of COVID-19, the age-old adage that ‘cash is king’ has never carried more significance for channel partners, as the need to budget carefully and manage finances increases. Partners are under enormous pressure in the pandemic to keep their businesses operational and connected while remaining productive and secure.

As part of its commitment to help customers and partners navigate the evolving business landscape, Comstor has brought Cisco’s new Business Resiliency Program to the channel to help mitigate the financial challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Offered through Cisco Capital, the vendor’s financing business, the program provides $2.5 billion of financing to enable organisations to access the solutions needed to keep their businesses operational and their people safe, and to support their local communities.

Offered as a simple ‘buy now, pay later’ solution, the channel partner gets paid immediately and the end user has a 90-day payment holiday on Cisco solutions purchased before 25 July 2020. After the 90-day period, end users only need to pay 1% of the contract value every month until 2021.

Programs like this are essential in the crisis to protect cash flow. The finance applies to any Cisco technology, but it’s particularly helpful for partners acquiring large amounts of technology to enable secure and efficient home working as the remote workforce becomes the ‘new normal’.

Comstor has been instrumental in bringing the package to market by ensuring partners understand the offer and how they can access and make the most of it, at a time when many are struggling to acquire the necessary technology. Comstor offers a variety of flexible, personalised financing packages and attractive payment options to support partners, including easylease 0% financing and Open Pay for Data Centre.

In addition, we have created an optimised solution for home working to help partners in the pandemic. The solutions cover all Cisco architectures, with two scalable and flexible ‘home kits’ under the theme of ‘Stay safe. Stay connected’.

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