As customers increasingly embrace software and subscriptions to enable their digital transformation, vendors are increasing their offerings to include more recurring or subscription-based solutions. With this shift in buyer behaviour comes the ease for customers to switch providers at the click of a mouse. For partners to remain competitive and stay in the game, they must create superior customer experience across all touchpoints of the customer’s journey through meaningful customer engagements.

A Bain & Company study found that companies that excel at customer experience grow their revenues between 4% and 8% above their market.

Nurturing customer relationships to secure recurring revenues requires an approach that focuses on adoption and expansion engagements after the initial sale. At Comstor, we mentor our partners to take the lead in these conversations and ask questions that help us to understand their end customer’s business goals and any barriers to adoption they may face, and together we draft a customer-experience strategy that will enable the customer to fulfil their business goals and realise the full value of the solution they’re investing in.

This renewed confidence in the solution, and of the partner’s capability to act in the best interests of the end customer as a trusted advisor, makes renewal rates higher and opens doors to further expansion opportunities.

Cisco Customer Experience Specialisation

To ensure we have the knowledge, resources and tools available to partners to be able to guide them along the full solutions lifecycle, Comstor has become certified in the Cisco Customer Experience Specialisation. This specialisation validates our skills in adoption, expansion and renewals so that we can make sure our partners’ end customers achieve their goals, reduce barriers to renewing their subscriptions and explore more solutions. We have the expertise to help partners effectively facilitate solutions and drive customer satisfaction.

To find out more about how Comstor is enabling partners in customer experience, please contact your local Comstor representative.