Speaking at the recent World SD-WAN Summit in Berlin, Westcon’s Tony Randall discussed how companies can make the global deployment of SD-WAN simple, fast, cost effective and compliant.

SD-WAN is transforming how networks are built by moving intelligence into the cloud. However, most solutions deployed today require deployment of physical devices. This often means getting devices efficiently into several locations in one or more countries. And deploying SD-WAN solutions across borders is complex.

The complexities of global trade

Lack of visibility of import tax and duties can wipe out profits, while a lack of compliance can result in fines, seizures, investigations, or even imprisonment. Who’s responsible for importation paperwork and payment of duties? Restricted goods can’t be shipped, while the partner is liable if goods redirect to embargoed countries.

Creating and managing a global supply chain is complex. Using a freight forwarder and local partner instead can still lead to compliance issues, hidden costs, limited visibility and SLA exposure.

This is where Westcon-Comstor comes in. We provide local shipping, local price support and local invoicing that allows VAT recovery where we have a legal entity and VAT recoverability where applicable. With a footprint in 79 countries, we provide DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipment into 200 countries with compliance checks, managing risk and Importer of Record (IoR) service with end-to-end tracking.

SD-WAN solution gaps

Partners want consolidated and aggregated billing for multiple vendors, but monthly consumption billing is challenging for managed service providers (MSPs) and vendors.

Services are needed globally. Replacement parts can take several days or weeks to arrive but end users expect four-hour or next-business-day SLAs.

Zero-touch deployment may need staging to work at scale, onsite installation, and there’s often a lack of availability of skilled engineering expertise. Westcon-Comstor can help with these.

Many MSPs want to add SD-WAN vendors to their solutions, but productising new vendors takes them too long. Plus many vendors still have manual processes to manage the supply chain such as distributing licenses, stock availability and rotations, and pricing updates.

Why timelines and costs go wrong

If there’s no kick-off meeting between vendor, distributor and MSP, roles and responsibilities will be unclear. International trade requirements or import/export rules may not be understood and shipping requirements not defined, for example if IoR is required.

Logistics costs are often not identified early and costs for central export-out models can be expensive. End-user billing requirements may be unclear and there can be vendor homologation and technical due-diligence gaps. And a distributor may not have vendor distribution rights in all the required countries.

Our SD-WAN proposition

Our strategy is to make buying and deploying SD-WAN solutions simple, fast, cost effective and compliant. We have a dedicated SD-WAN practice and we leverage our global footprint to support rollouts cost effectively using an experienced team to manage complex multi-country business.

We are closely aligned with vendors, MSPs, system integrators and partners. We offer supply-chain solutions for proprietary hardware and universal CPE. We can bundle multiple vendors to make a complete solution for SD-WAN, including SD-WAN, security, unified communications and networking components. In addition, we have a capability of global sparing and a break-fix service with four-hour/next-business-day SLAs.

Our powerful digital platform enables easy management of license subscriptions, while our comprehensive global logistics capabilities include IoR, delivery duty paid, multi-currency and local invoicing.

We also provide Renewals-as-a-Service, compliancy services and professional services to meet the needs of adopting SD-WAN technology. And we provide financing solutions including Equipment-as-a-Service and flexible repayment terms.

With our expertise and experience, multi-country deployments don’t need to be complex. Contact us to find out how we can manage your next global SD-WAN rollout.