With the lockdown imminent, we moved at speed to enable 2,500 people to work from home – some for the first time – with critical training delivered in days by our Training and Development Team. The result? We are 100% operational and open for business. When we say ‘global reach, local touch’, we mean it. Howard Hines, Director of Training EMEA, explains how we did it.

As the coronavirus outbreak developed, the leadership quickly recognised that enabling our workforce to work remotely would be a challenge, not just for individuals but for managers too.  

To smooth the transition, we built two live, one-hour virtual training sessions – Managing Remotely and Working Remotely – to make the move to homeworking as simple, easy and streamlined as possible for everyone.

These were then broadcast around the world to fit local work times. The aim was two-fold – a clear message of support from leadership and a set of practical tools to help individuals and managers.  

Embracing the challenge, we worked closely with Masterclass Training to create and deliver five sessions, starting at 4am to reach New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and South East Asia, mid-morning to connect Europe, Middle East, Africa and Nordics, and the afternoon for the Americas. 1,751 people dialled in live and hundreds have now watched the recorded version. They also have back-up materials and guides to help them.

An amazing job! Training and development doesn’t have to stop just because we’re working remotely. We are making sure that everyone, wherever they are, can stay safe, connected and secure and still do their work. 

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