Global customers expect seamless supply-chain deployment and global reach from their distribution and supply chain partners. But they are increasingly looking for innovation and value to drive profitable growth, as well as extend capabilities.

Simon Thompson, SVP, Global Customers, explains how we create this value for our customers through a unique suite of tools and services across pre-sales, renewals, staging, asset ownership, billing and vendor management.

Sales acceleration 

We have a number of tools and automated solutions to create value along the project journey by accelerating sales and reducing time to revenue.

Pre-sales tools help customers to generate quotes quickly and efficiently via self-service platforms to drive rapid sales execution. For example, our unique Global Services Pricing Tool offers access to immediate, real-time pricing of Engineer-to-Site or Rack-and-Stack services. This means simplified services pricing, quicker quote turnaround and reduced need for pre-sales resource for a quicker bid response.

To simplify estate management, our digital platform automates pre-renewal date notifications, followed up by our dedicated sales team who contact end customers to secure valuable annuity revenue. Ensuring renewals are completed on time ensures a predictable revenue stream and relieves competitive pressure on accounts. Renewals stimulate new sales and refresh opportunities from legacy kit, which improves engagement with vendors.

In-country pre-staging and custom configuration of IT assets is provided in our network of global logistics centres. We can also offer Technology-as-a-Service when you don’t want to or are unable to own the assets yourself.

Managing multiple suppliers

Complex projects often require multi-vendor solutions, many of whom are new or project specific. This creates an intangible web of companies that are difficult and expensive to manage. Using our concierge procurement process, we can on-board vendors on your behalf to reduce the number of parties in your supply chain.

This is particularly useful when you want to access solutions from new or emerging vendors, whose scale, availability or distribution model hasn’t yet caught up with demand.

We can incorporate these new vendors with existing suppliers using a single purchase order and supply a single invoice to you or your customers. This means you can deliver the solution that’s best for your customer without any additional admin or overhead.

Superior customer experience

Our flexible, consultative approach allows us to develop customised solutions that can be blue printed for rapid deployment. In our next article, find out how digital transparency and predictable performance creates a superior customer experience for global customers.

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