The global economy is rapidly changing and growing in complexity. Technology is transforming, cloud adoption accelerating, and new, disruptive vendors are entering the market without traditional routes to market. Furthermore, coinciding end user demand for truly ubiquitous global managed services has never been higher. But service providers are increasingly unable or unwilling to invest in local supply chains and maintain in-country presence.

Simon Thompson, SVP, Global Customers, outlines how we’re here to support global customers to meet the demands of their customers and end users. ORBIT – Our Reach Beyond IT – combines our global presence with an array of services and solutions, setting us apart from the traditional IT distribution.

Seamless supply chain deployment

Our unrivalled supply chain capabilities include local fulfilment and invoicing in over 70 countries, and extended fulfilment in 180, across single and multi-vendor solutions and services. This allows service providers the ability to deploy across the globe seamlessly and offer support and services to their customers at scale. 

Our local knowledge on the ground enables Importer of Record solutions and local VAT recoverability, to ensure every project reaches its predicted profit margin. All this can be achieved by taking advantage of our expert knowledge in the management and execution of global IT distribution.

Rapid project execution guaranteed

Compliance is a moving target. Regulations, tax laws, local economic factors and regional best practices change often. Global customers and technology vendors need a supply chain partner they can trust.

Our Global Supply Chain Solutions team centrally manage every project. Unrivalled expertise in international trade ensures total compliance. Reducing the risk of goods being delayed, redirected, seized or levied, we ensure rapid project implementation and reduce the time from quote to cash.

Our trade intelligence tool gives partners complete visibility across their project through 24-hour freight quotes and real time tracking from collection to delivery.

How we add even more value

Our global customers can rely on us to deliver more than global reach and seamless supply chain deployment. In our next article, see how we are creating real value through our suite of sales acceleration and innovation tools, designed to create value across various parts of a project journey, including pre-sales, staging, renewals and asset ownership. We’ll also discuss how we can onboard vendors quickly and easily through our unique concierge procurement service.

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