SD-WAN is transforming how networks are built by moving intelligence into the cloud. However, most solutions deployed today need physical devices to be delivered and deployed to multiple locations in different countries. And deploying SD-WAN across borders can be complex and challenging. Here are six pain points for MSPs today – and how we help overcome them.

1: Distribution and logistics

Challenge: creating and managing a global supply chain is complex, while using a freight forwarder and local partner instead can still lead to compliance issues, hidden costs, limited visibility and SLA exposure. No single point of contact, different terms and conditions, unpredictable service levels and a lack of global reach all negatively impact the experience.

Solution: We provide end-to-end supply chain solutions to customers worldwide, with a single point of contact for every project, consistent global terms, predictable service levels for global rollouts and our global footprint, local fulfilment and invoicing in 79+ countries and extended fulfilment in 180.

Automation, integration and logistics solutions ensure orders are staged, configured and delivered to the right place at the right time through enhanced warehouse and shipping services. SD-WAN services include configuration, DOA testing, SIM install, consolidated shipments, combined imports and door-to-door delivery and installation.

Our global footprint means we can offer local shipping, local price support and local invoicing that allows VAT recovery wherever we have a legal entity and VAT recoverability where applicable. We provide DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipment into 200 countries with compliance checks, managing risk and Importer of Record (IoR) service with end-to-end tracking.

2: Consumption-based licences with local billing

Challenge: Customers want consolidated and aggregated billing for multiple vendors, but monthly consumption billing is challenging for MSPs and vendors. Monthly consumption licences issued by the vendor need a negotiated contract, are expensive and take time. These licences are also usually invoiced from the US, which can cause tax compliance issues.

Solution: Westcon Cloud Billing Services invoices monthly licences locally, ensuring tax compliance, offering simplified, consolidated billing reports and local currency options. When you want to unlock new revenue streams, reduce administration and remain compliant but enjoy all the benefits of SaaS with automated billing, separated consumption and local invoicing.​ This also provides local P&L accountability as each country gets the bill for their usage.

3: Enhanced SD-WAN hardware SLAs

Challenge: Services and parts are needed globally, but vendors have varying SLA capabilities around the world, and these can be expensive. End customers can be forced to buy two or more units per site, and service providers may be forced to offer high availability solutions when four-hour or NBD would be sufficient. Additionally, even if the customer has the hardware they may not have an L1/L2 engineer available on-site to connect the replacement device.

Solution: Our customised sparing and advance hardware replacement part solutions include 24x7x4 and NBD SLAs, Westcon and vendor L1/L2 helpdesk options, and Spare Part and Engineer-to-Site for break-fix from Westcon. Additionally, we can provide L1/L2 onsite engineers for multiple tasks such as troubleshooting.

4: Asset ownership and financing

Challenges: Vendors may not offer licences with monthly, quarterly or annual payments, they pass the title of equipment over, which creates a taxable presence in country, and CAPEX sales with multi-year terms need converting into flexible repayments.

Solution: Our flexible payment solutions enable capital investments, help overcome budget constraints and accelerate the adoption of SD-WAN.

By spreading the cost over one, two, three or five years or multiple budgets, and increasing deal size to maximise discounts, our flexible payment solutions enable MSPs to upgrade legacy estates, expand sales with payment over time or finance multi-year deals and Equipment-as-a-Service. Pull forward deals into this financial year. Pay as you consume in one payment scheme, reducing paperwork and the cost of finance.

With options to suit most customer requirements with extended payment terms, we deliver a simplified process, competitive finance rates and one set of terms covering hardware, software and services can be attached to the contract, embedded in the SOW or signed as standalone terms.

5: Professional services for SD-WAN

Challenge: Global customers may lack sufficient capabilities in all the regions they need to deliver SD-WAN.

Solution: Our Professional Services team can act as an extension to in-house capabilities to fulfil multi-vendor, multi-technology deployments with standardised SD-WAN pricing, service descriptions and SoWs.

Our global footprint of engineers support SD-WAN deployments with analytical, advanced technical and engineering support, including 24/7 NOC monitoring, L1/L2 help desk, site surveys and installation.

Backed by flexible levels of expertise and a centralised PMO to support global deployments, we enable MSPs to go to market with SD-WAN across multiple geographies to maximise services revenue and ensure successful delivery. We can also provide ongoing maintenance and save costs through contract consolidation for multi-vendor support.

6: Automation and rapid quoting

Challenge: End customers expect rapid pricing on complex deals, but the workflow between the vendor, distributor and reseller is inefficient, leading to missed bid submission deadlines, missing quarter-ends and lower customer satisfaction.

Solution: We reduce the time to price global projects and enable rapid modelling for different SD-WAN scenarios with a collaboration space for sharing project files, online SD-WAN self-service configurator for instant budgetary bid pricing and our single global instance of SAP which delivers rapid SD-WAN quotes.

Our ServiceView self-service quoting tool generates quotes in minutes using real-time costs for global support services. It simplifies services pricing, accelerates the sales cycle, reduces bid response time and reduces the need for pre-sales resource.

Simplify SD-WAN deployments with Westcon

We make buying and deploying SD-WAN solutions simple, quick, cost effective and compliant. We have a dedicated SD-WAN practice, and we leverage our global footprint to support deployments cost effectively using an experienced team to manage complex multi-country business.

We are closely aligned with vendors, MSPs, system integrators and partners. We can bundle multiple vendors to deliver a complete solution including SD-WAN, security, UC and networking.

Our digital partner platform provides quick and easy online purchasing and procurement, including ‘MultiView’ functionality which allows global customers to view transactions across borders with a consolidated view of order history, quotes, licences and returns across selected accounts in multiple countries. With this expertise and experience, multi-country SD-WAN deployments don’t need to be complex.

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SD-WAN 6 challenges for MSPs