Meeting customer needs using in-house resources, and adopting new technology while controlling costs, can be challenging in today’s ever-changing business landscape. We’ve streamlined our portfolio to focus on the services partners need – where and when they need them. We ask Simon Thompson, SVP Global Customers, what this means for partners, and how it adds even more value to each opportunity.

Why choose Westcon-Comstor for services?

Our portfolio of flexible, on-demand, multi-vendor services help partners unlock more opportunities and increase revenues by expanding their own in-house capabilities. Our unrivalled expertise, resources, skills and presence ensure we are the only services supplier a partner needs to meet every customer requirement.

Why should partners choose a single supplier for services?

Using a consolidated single supplier for the complete lifecycle of each project simplifies execution. We can provide an end-to-end service, from staging and logistics to installation, consultancy, education and support. This removes the risk of multiple handover points created by using different suppliers, and reduces the costs associated with managing a complex supply chain.

How do services expand partner capabilities?

By outsourcing services to us, to augment their own in-house resources and capabilities, partners can deliver the comprehensive services end-customers now expect. Our unrivalled support across all major vendors, with flexible engineering resource and specialist technical skills, ensures every service level or requirement can be met. This enhances the customer experience, which unlocks more opportunities and maximises revenue by reducing competing suppliers.

Why is the vendor portfolio important?

In today’s fast-moving business landscape, it’s increasingly difficult to have all the resources and skills needed in-house to cover the constantly evolving IT ecosystem. That’s where we help. Partners can focus on their core technologies and proficiencies, and we cover the rest.

Our highly skilled team of multi-vendor and multi-technology field-experienced engineers, support staff and certified trainers have in-depth knowledge across cybersecurity, data centre, networking, collaboration and cloud.

This helps partners plug gaps in their portfolio and increase adoption of new technology without increasing costs. Partners are able to focus on their core business of capturing more revenue and uncovering opportunities.

How can partners optimise in-house resource?

Many service providers and partners waste valuable in-house resource on entry-level tasks and services, when their skills would be better applied elsewhere. Conversely, some have had to upskill in-house resource or employ more skilled – and expensive – engineers to adopt the new generation of technologies such as SD-WAN.

In both scenarios we can take care of staging, rack and stack, and vendor support, so our partners can focus on more profitable and specialist tasks.

We provide these services through a global network of logistics and support centres: 16 supply-chain centres, 28 logistics centres and five support centres offering four different SLAs and customer service in five languages.

How important is having global reach and a local touch?

Partners need a services provider they can trust with support they can rely on to reduce risk, disruption and downtime. And when you don’t have feet on the ground, it’s critical to have a local partner that can support multi-country deals.

We are a safe pair of hands. With 32 years’ experience in distribution, we have tried-and-tested vendor processes in place and are fully trained and accredited – we have over 2,500 technical certifications – and our team of 280+ engineers plus our INSPAN partner network covers 180 countries. Our global footprint includes local presence in over 70 countries and multi-vendor, multi-technology, field-experienced engineers and support staff.

Time is money, so how can partners accelerate quote response times?

In today’s market, partners need to respond to bids fast to stay competitive. Our digital tools can generate global professional and supply-chain services quotes in minutes using real-time costs.

This accelerates the sales cycle for partners by providing them with immediate pricing and reduces the need for in-house pre-sales resource, so partners never need miss a bid response deadline again.

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