Your small business customers wear a lot of hats and field a lot of demands. They need a simple, secure and affordable solution. Their employees are increasingly mobile and need a reliable network. And their customers expect a flawless digital experience.

Cisco offers affordable small business solutions that have been designed and optimised for growing businesses – but many small business customers believe that Cisco isn’t for them. They think Cisco is too expensive or too complicated. Cisco doesn’t ‘get’ them. These are common misconceptions. At Comstor, we know Cisco, and we know the facts. We bust six common myths around Cisco below, and you can watch our videos to find out more.

Myth #1: Cisco is too expensive

Fact: Cisco has affordable solutions for every sized business. They pride themselves on the diversity of their portfolio, which includes cloud-based networking solutions from Meraki, in particular Meraki Go for smaller businesses, cloud-based voice, meeting and video solutions from Cisco Webex, and cloud-based security solutions such as Cisco Umbrella, Duo Security and Advanced Malware Protection. Because all of these solutions are hosted in the cloud, your customers pay less upfront for the technology, with a surprisingly low, monthly subscription cost that is very manageable for most small businesses.

If your customers require on-premises technology or want to invest in larger video conferencing and data centre solutions, Cisco can help there too. With flexible payment options from Comstor, they can finance their technology purchase with 0% interest (terms and conditions apply).

Cisco’s Small Business solutions are built from Cisco’s years of enterprise experience but shaped for small businesses, with less complexity and intuitive management solutions so your customers get value for money and a better return on investment for a lower total cost of ownership.

This value includes industry-leading support for small businesses. Smart Net Total Care provides fast resolution of issues with 24-hour access to Cisco experts and replacement hardware in as little as two hours. Cisco Software Support unlocks the full benefits of Cisco software, with Cisco experts available to help your customers rapidly adopt new technologies to achieve their business goals.

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Myth #2: Cisco solutions are complicated

Fact: Cloud-based solutions such as Cisco Meraki are actually really simple to manage, making it easier for businesses with few, or zero, IT resources to have a reliable, secure network.

If your customers are using the right technology, their IT environment should be simple, secure, reliable and affordable. If it’s not, it’s time for them to look elsewhere. Cisco’s end-to-end, cross-architecture solutions across networking, security, collaboration and data centre are designed to meet the needs of any size business.

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Myth #3: Cisco doesn’t offer an end-to-end solution for small businesses

Fact: Cisco makes solutions for all businesses. What sets their solutions apart is that they don’t compromise on security, quality, services or support.

End-to-end solutions for small business are top of mind for Cisco, and it has built a comprehensive portfolio of solutions specifically for small businesses across switching, wireless, routing, security, collaboration and data centre with multiple cloud offerings.

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Myth #4: Cisco doesn’t offer simple management solutions

Fact: Cisco has management tools for every customer from an intuitive dashboard or a mobile app.

Cisco understands what’s important to small business. That’s why they built their Small Business solutions to be fast and easy to deploy, use and manage. Depending on the solution and the type of end-customer, you can easily set up and manage Cisco’s solutions via a dashboard or mobile app in a matter of minutes.

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Myth #5: Cisco doesn’t understand small business needs

Fact: They do, and they’re learning more every day. That’s why they built their Cisco Designed Small Business portfolio with this segments’ needs in mind: simple, reliable, secure and affordable technology that works. No complex management. No hours spent configuring new networks. No missed patches or updates (they do those for you).

Your customers’ focus is, and should remain on, their business, especially in the current climate. They don’t have the time and resources to devote to IT. With Cisco they can trust in a technology brand that is expert led and offers best-of-breed solutions.

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Myth #6: Cisco’s security solutions aren’t designed for small businesses

Fact: Security should limit threats, not business. Things can happen quickly in small businesses, and Cisco’s security solutions are been designed to match their needs.

In the current climate of remote working and restricted access, you can enable your customers with a secure remote-working solution so they can safely connect to their network and team from any device, from any location, at any time. Cisco is the only vendor with a secure end-to-end solution across wireless, routing, switching, collaboration and data centre, as well as world-leading threat intelligence from its Talos team.

Only Cisco can deliver a comprehensive secure remote workforce solution built on technologies such as:

  • Cisco Webex
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN
  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Cisco Duo
  • Cisco AMP for Endpoints
  • Meraki
  • SD-WAN
  • Cisco HyperFlex and CI VDI

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