Westcon-Comstor announces new training partnership with DevOps Institute

Westcon-Comstor announces new training partnership with DevOps Institute

Westcon-Comstor, the international technology distributor, has announced a new training partnership with DevOps Institute, the leading professional development association whose mission is to advance the human elements of DevOps success.

67% of organisations adopted DevOps in 2019, in what amounts to a 15% year-on-year increase in DevOps adoption, and the overall DevOps market is due to grow to $15 billion in 2023. To help organisations respond to this, DevOps Institute offers personal development opportunities to a wide range of professionals, not just limited to the technology sector. The certifications offered by DevOps Institute allow users to become better aligned with different areas of the business, connecting IT practitioners, education partners, consultants, talent acquisition and business executives to help pave the way to support digital transformation and the New IT.

The new partnership with DevOps Institute will allow Westcon-Comstor to expand the reach of its training programme to new audiences, including those working in Development and Operations, in addition to its traditional audience of technical experts and security engineers. This relationship builds on Westcon-Comstor’s existing DevOps training portfolio in partnership with organisations such as Check Point.

The agreement with DevOps Institute further strengthens Westcon’s Next Generation Solutions (NGS) strategy. The company’s recently created NGS unit provides Westcon’s Cybersecurity business with dedicated resources and expert leadership, and the partnership with DevOps Institute further enhances Westcon’s value-add go-to-market approach in this area.

Daniel Hurel, VP Westcon EMEA Cybersecurity & Next Generation Solutions, commented on the partnership: “We are excited to be working with DevOps Institute to expand our learning services, as part of our NGS strategy. This partnership will give us the opportunity to offer DevOps Institute’s leading programmes, expanding our reach and services that we can offer our partners. To succeed in a world that’s moving to DevOps, security groups need to be able to explain their concerns in language and terms that are relevant to the operational and development team. This training initiative will give people the opportunity to further develop professionally and embrace the upcoming DevOps revolution. This will also personally help them form a better working life and offer further and deeper connections and support with our partners.”

Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps institute, commented: “DevOps Institute is pleased to collaborate with Westcon-Comstor to support up-skilling and continuous learning opportunities supporting both partners and customers globally through the SKIL Framework which centres on Skills, Knowledge, Ideas, and Learning to support the advancement of the human elements of DevOps. Partnering with a leading global distributor such as Westcon-Comstor allows us to offer our training programmes even more widely, expanding our reach to include Westcon-Comstor’s numerous international partners.

Groll continued: “As the defacto certification body for DevOps, DevOps Institute is pleased to provide certifications that complement the multi-vendor training programmes Westcon currently offers to the market throughout the world. In light of the current global happenings, all programmes have been optimised for virtual course deliveries.”

Westcon-Comstor offers over 200 IT training courses, in over 40 countries and supports multi-language and multi-time-zone options. Delivery options include both online and on-premise, delivering accredited and vendor-certified education. With a flexible and high-quality level of teaching, Westcon-Comstor offers a range of educational courses to keep staff motivated and constantly improving.

To find out more, visit www.academy.westconcomstor.com.