Westcon-Comstor launches new global customer go-to-market proposition: ORBIT

Westcon-Comstor launches new global customer go-to-market proposition: ORBIT

Our Reach Beyond Information Technology (ORBIT) enhances customer experience and service for global customers.

Westcon-Comstor, the global technology distributor, has today announced the launch of its new global customer go-to-market proposition, ORBIT – ‘Our Reach Beyond Information Technology’.

With increasing complexity in the world economy, global systems integrators, service providers and vendors are looking for an IT distribution and supply chain partner to extend their capabilities. Westcon-Comstor’s latest offering drives consistency for customers. Developed to address all customer pains, ORBIT enables customers to quickly deliver truly global solutions and managed services at scale.

ORBIT consolidates Westcon-Comstor’s established global supply chain capabilities with a range of complimentary services and new solutions to support global customers and vendors.

ORBIT is built on three pillars: Global Reach, Value Creation, and Customer Experience. These are underpinned by Westcon-Comstor’s key business differentiators: Global Supply Chain Solutions, Services, Circular Technology Solutions, and Digital Distribution.

Commenting on the launch of ORBIT, Simon Thompson, Senior VP Global Customers, Westcon-Comstor, says: “Customers expect comprehensive solutions and services that deliver real value beyond the traditional supply chain model of moving boxes. We take the time to really understand our customers’ requirements, providing digital transparency into our systems and creating real value through our suite of tools and services across the solutions lifecycle: from pre-sales and vendor consolidation to asset ownership, billing, renewals and the circular economy.”

ORBIT is available to all global customers in all regions. Find out more at www.westconcomstor.com/ORBIT